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When God Calls You Back to Teaching During a Global Pandemic

Teaching in 2020 has to be one of the most exhausting, frustrating, and difficult thing.

There have been days that, quite frankly, I have been miserable.

No, the problem is not my students, the workload, or even the many changes... it’s the unmet expectations.

“It isn’t supposed to be this way!” has been the narrative I have been telling myself over and over again.

After a week of reflection and time well-spent with the Lord, I have realized that I have completely missed what God is doing in and through me in this season.

He is growing me in wisdom and strength, He is making me more dependent on Him, and He is showing me that I can still have joy no matter the circumstances I find myself in.

So, on Monday, I have pre-decided that I am going to walk into my classroom with a changed attitude and perspective.

I am going to smile, put my best foot forward, and choose joy.

I will worship and praise God even when it doesn’t make sense, and when there is chaos all around me.

Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

God has entrusted me to help mold and shape the minds and hearts of future leaders, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

I purpose to burn bright for Jesus by being a light in a seemingly dark place.

He is with me and He is with you too. We can do this!

xo Nikki

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Nikkisha Lawrence
Nikkisha Lawrence
Nov 28, 2020

Amen. He is. Always and forever. 🙏🏾


Bibi Robinson
Bibi Robinson
Nov 28, 2020

That’s so awesome! It is true, God is always with us.

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