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I will continue to delight myself in the God who always finishes the good work He starts in us.

As a follower of Christ, I can honestly admit that I still have struggles. I’ve come to realize that we are all still a work in progress no matter the number of years we have been walking with Christ.

Every day I find myself in desperate need of Jesus as I cling to His Word and immerse myself in His Truths. Through prayer, worship, and spending time in His Word, I am reminded of His unfailing love for me. “We are in the world, but not of the world” and I have to remain cognizant of the fact that we live in a sin-stained world and that if we are not continuously washing ourselves in the water of His Word (Ephesians 5:6), we will be dragged into worldly thinking and worldly actions.

This world is constantly telling us that we are not enough and that in order to be accepted, we have to continue to climb the latter even if it means compromising our values and integrity. This world tells us that beauty is defined only by our exterior—our size, what we wear, how to style our hair, how much makeup to wear, and the different surgeries we need to get in order to hide or completely erase our imperfections. We are living in a generation where having a model figure and face is more important than having a beautiful soul.

The constant living up to peoples’ expectations, the pressure to look and live a certain way, and the constant need to have more and do more in order to fill our need for acceptance is enough to make anyone go completely insane.

As I sit quietly in the presence of God, I am reminded that I am enough. You see, I have struggled with many things: bitterness, feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and the list goes on and on. But—little by little I have watched God break those chains and change me from the inside out. With that being said, I have to admit that from time to time, I still struggle with acceptance which is hindering my social life.

Before coming to Christ, I unfortunately experienced betrayal, rejection, emotional abuse, and was mistreated by those I trusted. As a result, I developed a huge wall inside that made it virtually impossible for me to open up to people and let them in. I have come a long way, but it is still a struggle for me.

We are all imperfect human beings who often need to allow Christ to shed His light on the areas in our lives that still need healing, and let His love and Truths written in the Bible remind us that although we are not perfect, we are still loved by a perfect God. He will not abandon us because we fail and have struggles; instead, He will be there to catch us every time we fall and help us to get back on our feet.

Today, you might be a devoted follower of Christ who still struggle with insecurities, fear, doubt, worry, and more. I am here to tell you that it is okay and perfectly normal—we all still learning, growing, and healing on the other side of eternity. No one will ever come to the place where they feel that they have “arrived.”

So… let’s keep fighting and keep seeking the One who loves us anyway.

“I am confident of this very thing that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus” –Philippians 1:6.

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