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You have what this world needs. Continue to bless others with your smile, laugh, kindness, and beautiful heart.

Bitterness is like poison for the soul. Once it enters into a person’s heart, it sucks away joy, contentment, and peace-all the while the other person is living their life completely unaffected by your bitterness towards them. You see, bitterness only hurt ourselves.

The enemy uses bitterness because when it takes root and start to fester, it will start to affect the way you think, feel, and act. In essence, it begins to control you. You will be surprised how quickly a small offense can grow into hatred. And once you are to the point where you hate someone, the enemy will cause you to do the unthinkable.

I do not care what they did to you or said to you, no one should be allowed to have the power to make you hate them.

Here is how you can detach from the schemes of the enemy and relinquish that offense or pain inflicted to you—GIVE IT TO JESUS!

Jesus is very familiar with pain and suffering. He was beaten, mocked, scorned, ridiculed- and His disciples even disowned and abandoned Him.

Jesus had every right to be angry and harbor unforgiveness in His heart. But instead, when at the point of death and under excruciating pain He uttered, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

Forgiveness is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing you can do. We must forgive not because they deserve it, but because we deserve it. Trust in God that He will vindicate you, and redeem everything that happened to you. Your job is to enjoy the fruitful and abundant life that He died for you to have.

You see, Jesus not only paid for our sins; He also died to set us free from the wrong done to us by others. You are too beautiful, too talented, and too valuable to let someone steal your smile. You have a destiny and purpose to fulfill, and nothing is going to deter you from being all God has created you to be and do. In this world, you will experience some of the things that Jesus experienced such as heartache, grief, rejection, and pain; but, your story does not have to end there. Instead of fixating on all of the wrong that was done to you, fixate your eyes on Jesus and all of the things He has done for you. Your latter days will be better than your former days. You will come out of this better and stronger- even to the point where you will not even look like what you have been through.

Rest. Surrender it. And keep smiling because you deserve it- you beautiful and precious soul.

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